Art at Raphael

Jul 31, 2019

With its decidedly European apartment living feel and overlooking the Nelson Mandela Square, it is the works of art at the Raphael that bring one back to the realisation that we are indeed still in Africa. While this all-suite property combines sleek and elegant living, it really does impress, through its art that it truly is uniquely African and the overall artistic concept of which was designed and developed by the talented Nicky Wessels, who took great strides in turning the development into an artistic treasure.

The towering mural that covers both sides of the lobby was a collaboration between local artists Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs, of The Trinity Session, who drew inspiration from the marks and scribbles the builders had made on the unfinished walls, as well as the works of Renaissance artist, Raphael himself.

The central atrium of the Raphael is a focal point of the building, with its stark contrasts between organic and industrial materials creating a marvel of design. Inset between these elements the viewer will find iconic pieces by local artists. Each expressing the personality and skills of the artists who participated in creating these great works. These works were commissioned by Legacy in the shape of an art competition, under the direction of Professor Karel Nel, Associate professor at the University of Witwatersrand’s School of Arts. The four open atriums are now decorated with 9m high x 3m wide murals created by eight artists.

In honour of these works, Legacy received the BASA Award for the Mural Project (Business of the Arts is a Foundation which promotes the Arts in South Africa). The works include: Walking into the Future – Abe Mathabe; E Khasi - Thabo Phala, Love of City - Allen Kupeta, – A Day in Soweto - Kamogelo Makhonki, Beaded Raphael - Clint Singh, The Waterfall Mosaic - Kgabisang Soweto Artists, Together - Siphiwe Ngwenya, and Untitled - Tshepo Sibeko.

Beyond the atrium the Raphael also showcases local artists with works gracing its walls and showcased within the rooms, all of which were curated by Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs. The works are a collection of pieces from more than 150 artists. Experince the artistic excellence of the Raphael here:

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